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$250k a year not enough?

March 26th, 2011 at 01:06 am

I just read elsewhere one of the most insane comments I have ever seen. Basically, some guy makes $250k a year, but thinks that is only middle class, and that he is only somewhat getting by. This despite acknowledging the fact that only 3% of the population makes that much. You can't be MIDDLE class if you are in the top 3%!

And what is causing them to struggle with their "middle class" money? 4200 sq. ft. house in an affluent neighborhood, 2 kids in private school, only 2-3 week-long vacations a year, and investing heavily in college and retirement funds (which I have no problems with).

What really kills me is that he thinks he is very frugal. And that may very well be true for someone who makes $250k a year. However, the vast majority of the population do not make that much, and have had to eek out a life with much less. So PLEASE do not tell us how to be frugal like you. For you, frugality is buying the 42" TV instead of the 50". For the rest of us, we have real choices and real sacrifices to make in our version of frugality.

6 Responses to “$250k a year not enough?”

  1. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Right if he is frugal then try living on $14,000 and then still saving money. What do you call that? Thrifty or canny.

  2. jkay93 Says:

    @Tightwad.....I call that fantastic! What is your secret?? As for Mr. $250K/year he needs to rethink his priorities for what is really neccesary.....4200 sq/ft home neccesary? I think not. Private school necessary? I think not. I wish I had $250K a year to try to live on....we would be set!

  3. anon-y-mouse Says:

    Sounds like my realtor. She was crying about the government taxing the middle class like herself even more. She and her husband (an investment guy) make well over $250,000. She owns a $35,000 dining table (doesn't include the price of the chairs).

  4. Jerry Says:

    It is plenty possible to make even a half-million a year, and spend three-quarters of a million... people do it all the time. You can live poor or rich on 10 grand or 100 grand, and you can lead yourself to be happy or miserable on either amount of income, as well. Frankly, I'd rather have the insurance of being happy with my circumstances, and not trying to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.

  5. debtfreeme Says:

    A good friend of mine and her husband work in the aero space industry as scientists. They made over 250k last year. They also paid 90k in taxes between the feds and the state they live in. Got to look at the entire story. They may make it on paper but they are not brining it home.

  6. anon-y-mouse Says:

    $160,000 isn't bringing it home?

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