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Frugality in the Heartbreak Hotel

March 10th, 2014 at 02:51 am

Hopefully, this entry will go through this time as I've been having trouble uploading it today.

Anyways, for those who didn't already know, I currently work at a jail. There are lots of interesting details about jail life, but the one I am interested in today is the inmate personal hygiene products. They seem perfectly functional, and I would imagine to be very affordable.

A quick google showed the following prices. As you can see, the prices are insanely low. Toothpaste is as little as $0.17 per small tube, toothbrushes are a paltry $0.07 a piece, and soap is about $0.09 per ounce (or about $0.36 per typical bar).

For comparison sake, however, I decided to check out the bulk prices for similar items on Amazon. (These jail supplies have to be ordered in bulk as well, so this is a fair comparison.) The results really surprised me.

For example, I found toothpaste for $0.27 per equivalent tube. It's still quite good, but jail prices are better.

However, I also found toothbrushes for as little as $0.015 a piece! That's right, toothbrushes for as little as a penny and a half a piece! I thought something had to be wrong here, and according to some of the reviews, the brushes are considered disposable and will fall apart after a few uses at most. Not bad if that's all you wanted.

Soap turned out to be a little tricker, as the lowest price I could find right now is liquid body wash for what amounts to only $0.03 per ounce! I guess it's just as well since I prefer body wash anyway.

(Shipping and handling was not included in any of the calcuations.)

Well, regardless of which route I take, I have learned that it is indeed possible to get really good prices for personal hygiene products.


March 8th, 2014 at 12:10 am

Once in a while, I still look at the possibility of living in a van full time. Yes. I know. I am crazy. This is not news. However, I recently stumbled upon this beautiful build:

And if I were to build it myself, it would not be terribly expensive either.

Of course, there are tons of challenges as well trying to live full time in a van. But everytime I am faced with the prospect of a mortgage or paying rent, it makes me wonder if I can pull this off....

In the meantime, here is a hilarious out-take from Top Gear.