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Still kicking....

October 6th, 2013 at 07:16 pm

Haven't posted simply because there's not much to report.

Job is still stressful.

Home is still kind of messy.

Still not being all that frugal.

Having said that, I've moved things around in my room, and am trying to make another effort at being frugal and productive. Hopefully, things will get better.

Ok, so this being a frugality site, I should probably at least elaborate more on this "not being frugal" thing. I guess I've been feeling kinda down in general lately. And when I feel down, I know there's a danger of me buying stuff to try to feel better. While I do try to keep it in check, I am not always successful. For example, lately, I decided that I really wanted some audio gear, so I can do more music stuff or whatever.

For example, here's something I did recently with my not-so-frugal self.

I do try my best to make what I believe are smart, meaningful purchases, even when I do spend money, but in the end, I also realize that excuses are still excuses.

Edit: On another front, my best friend got his entire checking account cleaned out. Again. He said this is the second time he's been a victim of identity theft. Lost $4000. Wow. Uh, buddy, you didn't learn from the FIRST time not to let your debit card out of your sight? Anyways, I wired him $1k in emergency cash. I wonder if I'll see that money back?

1 Responses to “Still kicking....”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    If it was fraud, his bank should put the money back in the account. Unless there is more to the story. Hopefully, you will get your money back as well.

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