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Shoes and stuff

May 9th, 2017 at 05:28 pm

So I've been trying the idea that you guys recommended with the swimming or beach shoes in the shower. As far as shoes go, they are actually quite affordable. First, I just want to say it feels weird walking into a shower stall with your shoes on. I just want to say that. It's a very seriously weird feeling haha. Also, it feels very weird to let it get soaking wet on purpose.

However, I do like the part that it is very grippy since these showers don't have those seashell or starfish stickers on the bottom to prevent slipping... what?

Now, when they get wet, they get... completely wet, and they don't dry well overnight in the car. In fact, it introduces a lot of moisture that condenses on the windshield that makes it hard for me to drive in the mornings.

So, now I am having to put the shoes outside of the car, but under my front driver's side and that seems to work. You know, the more I do this mobile lifestyle, the weirder I realize my life is becoming. Just so many things I would have never imagined.. even just a year ago, that I would end up doing.

Anyways, I am pleased to report that the shoes are working out great. So, I want to thank you guys for this recommendation. In fact, I have ordered a second pair, so I can rotate the two. It takes roughly half a day for them to dry out, and I hate having to walk around wearing them while they are still cold and wet. This would be especially bad during winter time.

On another note, I haven't left town yet, although I was planning to soon. Things keep popping up so I am staying put for now... and to wait for my second pair of shoes. That and the temperature lately have been surprisingly cool anyways, so that's a welcome change.

Oh, and finally, I tried super, super hard last night to hypermile and see just how high I can get my MPG to. Here's what I ended up with:

I was so pleasantly surprised and pleased by the result. The only problem is that this is not something I can do realistically as I had to drive way, way below speed limit. But since I was driving around late last night, with mostly no traffic around, I could get away with that.

My life is weird. Why am I so weird?

4 Responses to “Shoes and stuff”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great idea to air dry the shoes! I figured with humid summers drying inside is probably impossible.

    As for weird...my neighbor's 3rd grade daughter was told by a male classmate "You're weird." Her response "I'm not weird, I'm extraordinary!" Smile

  2. Carol Says:

    I think you must need a challenge that encourages your creativity. It is certainly getting your readers interested and creative on your behalf. It makes me wonder what you will come up with to satisfy your creative side after you figure out this style of living.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you figured out how to air dry the shoes.

    Who to say what is weird. You are just adapting to your environment.

  4. Tabs Says:

    Haha thank you guys for validating my insanity.

    Uh after this, I need to focus back on work, so nothing exciting will happen for a while. I mean this total lifestyle change is enough for a while I think haha.

    But yeah, I suppose eventually, I might get restless again and try to find strange ways to save money or something.

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