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Cars and cooking

September 7th, 2016 at 05:46 am

Right now, I am using an old method to keep track of my car that I've used for years because well uh that's how I've always done it.

I use trip odometer 1 to gauge my range and fuel efficiency between tanks. In other words, every time I fill up, I reset my first trip odometer.

I use trip odometer 2 to gauge my range between oil changes. That is, every time, my car gets an oil change, I reset my second trip odometer.

So that's the old way. It works... I think. However, I know there are plenty of apps for it and what not. I don't know if they are better. They probably are, but they are not a part of my "work flow habits" if you will.

So, how do you guys keep track of your car? Is there a better way you recommend?


Oh and the last time I cooked ground Italian sausage, I managed to cook the wax paper along with it in the frying pan.

I am please to report that the thing did not catch on fire along with the rest of my kitchen. I am also please to report that, somehow, they sausages still managed to cook well enough, although much of it stuck to the wax paper and I could not scrape it off.

Maybe I should just stay out of the kitchen.