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Travel update

May 17th, 2017 at 10:28 am

Ok, so let me see if I can remember from the beginning how things are going so far.

So I left yesterday morning I think. I remember seeing big gaps in not just my cellphone data reception, but even on occasion, my regular phone reception. Clearly, T-Mobile's coverage isn't as good outside my city. The reception situation only worsened as I approached the mountains, where I even have trouble picking up regular radio stations.

Let's see, I went to Boone first, because it had the coolest weather, and between that and Asheville, it was also the closest destination.

Ok, so before I got there, I stopped at a rest area, and I was so shocked at how nice it was. It wasn't just a rest area, it was also some kind of nature conservatory? For like Monarch butterflies? Anyways, I took a picture of one of its small trails here:

When I got to Boone, the first stop I made was to the fitness gym that I am a member of. Alas, my card didn't work for some reason, but I got there so late that the staff had already left. However, as I was trying my card, someone just left and opened the door, allowing me to step in and take a real quick look:

During the late night, I stumbled on the internet that there was a park that was actually open 24 hours. I was like wow I've never heard of that before. So I decided that, hey, it's 1am but I am not sleepy, and this thing is open 24 hours, and I am going to go check it out.

Bad idea. The entire place, and the roads leading up to it were completely unlit, winding, and luckily that I was wide awake because, if I wasn't, I could have also easily had an accident or rolled off a hill or something out there. When I got there, I had zero cellphone reception, no lights except from my own car, and two sketchy looking cars parked mysteriously out there. The place looked more look a horror movie location than anything to me. Literally, here's a picture of said "park":

I decided to leave and try another rest area, because that last one was so nice. I went to another one on the way to Asheville, and it turned out to be almost as nice. You know, I feel like maybe I could get away with living in rest areas. Is that crazy of me to think that? Or am I already so way over the crazy line that this doesn't surprise you guys?

Anyways, I slept there, and by the time it was late morning, I rolled out again, making it into Asheville proper. The first stop here was, once again, a local gym that I am supposedly a member of. This time, a staff was present, and he explained to me that in order to be able to access gyms nationally, I have to wait for something like a full month before "reciprocity" kicks in. Ah.

However, as I type this at a local Starbucks in Asheville, I think all this effort is rather excessive and would get dull to do on a regular basis. Some may love this life on the road, but to me, it feels more like a giant commute of some kind. I will say that Boone was certainly much cooler, and I could probably make it work on that nice temperature alone.

When I get back though, I have another idea in mind that I think will hopefully work just as well. If successful, this will eliminate me having to travel anywhere at all.

I will be coming home sooner than expected, on the account that I haven't showered last night, and I won't be able to do so tonight either due to "recipropcity". So I might as well wrap it up and come home tonight. But before I do, I'm going to give those horror mountains one more try, except this time, during the day.

8 Responses to “Travel update”

  1. Carol Says:

    First two pictures=very nice. Horror movie park= scary.
    Do you still own your house? Does it seem more appealing after a night in the road?
    Eagerly awaiting next idea. Good luck!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Those sketchy looking cars were probably just teenagers making out.

  3. Amber Says:

    Wow thanks for sharing. That first stop was amazing and. Be careful when returning to the other

  4. Tabs Says:

    Carol, I do own a house, but since I don't have the central AC on right now, it actually does not feel appealing compared to being in the car. If nothing else I am quite used to sleeping in the car at this point.

    I will say one thing though: The house is mighty convenient. Convenient is a great word here I think. Yep. Because I can basically go shower and use the toilet at anytime, and it's right in the next room.

    In a car, I have to make sure I am a location where a bathroom is located. If not, I drive there first. Then I have to make sure all of my clothes are on straight. Then as I walk up, I have to double check that they allow firearms, because I'm always armed. As I walk in, I then have to find the restroom. Then I have to check each stall to find the cleanest one. Then I have to line the toilet lid with toilet paper. Then I have to put up my fanny pack or it will droop and get in the way. etc etc. Suffice to say, this part is NOT convenient.

    LuckyRobin, I mostly played up the horror theme because I think it's the most amusing, but you know, that teenagers thought did crossed my mind too. If so, my conclusion was still, "Yeah, I'd rather just get out of here then." Haha.

    Haha ok Amber, will do.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    So, then teenagers making out who are about to be killed by an evil creature of your choice.

  6. Tabs Says:

    Text is Reminds me of this little ad hahaha. and Link is https://youtu.be/NYae3ZAAbLc
    Reminds me of this little ad hahaha..

  7. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    When we went on the road for 3+ weeks with the kids I have to admit we did consider sleeping in the car in our seats at a walmart parking lot. Mostly because we were lazy and didn't want to find a campground. We could have gotten a hotel but since we were just driving as we saw fit we usually in the car were trying to book hotels as we drove and decided enough let's stop. I would not have stopped at that rest area. But then again we had two kids and weren't armed. So walmarts always seemed safe no matter what time of night we were there.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    What a beautiful rest stop!

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